It’s always Spring!

Day 2 is here! Yes, I do know Day 1 was also posted today… this is my attempt at staying on track and actually getting 31 posts in this month.  Here goes:

When I think about what makes a house “homey”, this is one of the first things that comes into my mind: flowers!  There is something about having the delicacy of pretty petals peeking from atop a table or console that just makes a room feel nice!  Maybe it’s the feel of nature around me, or maybe it’s just me being a girly girl wanting pretty things in pretty colours to surround me, or the fact that my mother always had flowers around the house, though at some points in our lives it got out of hand (think giant vases on pedestals in every single room of the house).   Love you mom, but I’m glad we’re past that!

Anyway, back to the flowers… Here is my favourite flower arrangement – it’s also my very first attempt at silk-flower arranging, so be nice please.

Can you believe these bad boys were on sale for $1 each at the end of the Summer at Pier 1?  I had seen an arrangement just like this at Home Sense a few weeks before I came across the on-sale beauties, and the arrangement cost a whopping $99!  I ended up getting a $15 vase from the same store that let me down (temporarily – I love HS), and the $20 Quick Water from Michael’s to help the fakery look a bit more real, and I had a $44 flower arrangement! That’s right… less than half of the price.

So back to the making our house a home.  I tried the same flower tactic in a less public area of the house – the bathroom.  And I do think it worked!

Call me crazy, but does this charming little orchid (a $9.99 sale item, also from HS) not make the space just a little sweeter?  I’m a big fan, and though I’ll have to be careful not to get carried away with flowers everywhere, I do think my little additions are helping bring the homey-ness up a notch! And hey, who doesn’t love a little touch of Spring all year round, right?

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6 thoughts on “It’s always Spring!

  1. Nicely done, Thalita! You are definitely a natural *tiny pun intended* blogger with a great sense for style. I look forward to the rest of your 29 blogs and watching and learning as you turn your house into a home.

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