Today’s post will be short and to the point.  This is one of the things I always wanted in our home: to make dishes (and therefore eating) easily accessible.  How do we do this?

Well I think it starts with having dishes exposed, rather than behind doors.  For a while, during our mini kitchen transformation we had no doors at all and it felt really nice to simply reach for a plate or a cup without having to swing open any doors.  It might sound silly, but that kind of accessibility meant that anyone who walked into our kitchen could feel a little more at ease also.

The little bucket there serves to hold scrubbers and such for washing dishes.  I was hoping for some fresh herbs in there in the future though, to add a fresh scent to the room too!

My favourite part is the mugs – there’s something so great about being able to just reach for a cup and fill it with coffee or tea!

It’s very much a work in progress in our kitchen, but I think the dishes and mugs are a great start.  On top of that,we have a smaller hanging rack above the oven that I think need some serious work!  The spaghetti measure can stay (I love it!  Another Home Sense find), but the measuring cups can probably stand to be hidden an replaced with other prettier things, am I right?

Well I said short right?  So that’s it.  This post is definitely about the kitchen becoming the vision in my mind.  Here’s one last peek at that lovely olive wood spaghetti measure, for good measure! 🙂

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4 thoughts on “Accessibility

  1. We just moved into an old house and there are just too many projects to tackle so a kitchen remodel is pretty far down on the list. I find myself leaving clean dishes in the open dishwasher just because they are easy to grab. I also spend a good bit of my time going around closing cabinet doors that I leave open for the same reason. Maybe for our remodel I should investigate open shelving. Much more attractive than an open dishwasher. And like you said, guests can grab a cup or whatnot and feel right at home!

    • I never thought I would like open shelving until we lived with no doors! I wish I had more openness now. I will post our mini kitchen remodel after the 31 days is up. Our house is almost 30 years old, and there is a lot of original stuff here. We didn’t change the cabinets… just painted. Once you see the before shots, it might just give you hope for your own cabinets!

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