Ok, ok… so for those of you actually following this process (namely my mom, who asked me what happened), I know I didn’t post Friday… or Saturday!  Good news?  You get 3 pots today.  YAY!

Today I’m going through our current pillow situation in the living room.  We got this gorgeous couch which my husband picked out (yes, he is very proud of that), and it came with some pillows.  Here is a picture of how it came to us.  I seem to be the only one who thinks the pillows are hideous, and am constantly out numbered by the votes to keep the couch as it came (much like our green dresser in the same room, but that will have to be discussed another day…). Of course I took it upon myself to change the pillows, though 2 of the 4 remain (for now!).  The pillows have been changed into several combinations since I’m never happy with how they look.

The red chair needed a little something of its own other than the red pillow it came with, so I found this crazy cute little guy at Urban Barn (a Canadian gem!) with the words “que sera, sera” (what will be, will be).  We find that a lot of people (also mostly my mom) will start singing the catchy little song when they see it.  I kind of like it as a mantra sometimes – whatever will be of the pillows and the big green dresser, will be.  I should just take my time with it.

Here is what the whole room is like right now (bare walls and all).  It is, like much of our house, a work in progress, but I am happy with what’s happening in here.  Correct me if I’m wrong, but my new pillows are an improvement from the black ones with skyscrapers on them, no?  And the ones with letters just don’t seem to match the new ones… Forever on the hunt for new pillows!

By the way, the blue and colourful chevron pillows are from Home Sense, and the beige and white is from Urban Barn.

8 thoughts on “Pillows!

  1. Props to the husband – that is a nice couch. My husband brought his favorite couch into our relationship…teal velvet. He loves it so I make it work but geesh, talk about having a difficult time building a room around that gem. You can count my vote for Team New Pillows…I am not a huge fan of the NY themed ones original to the couch. More Chevron!

    • Thanks for ganging up on me Gillian. The pillows are one of the reasons I picked the couch 🙂 Maybe we’ll go shopping for some chevron inspired New York pillows, JUST for you!

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