A change will do you good

It seems crazy to me that this little pile to the left even exists. Just a few months ago, I would come home to my parents’ house and possibly see an envelope or two on the kitchen table for me. Now mail comes to me at my house – our house – with our names on it. Receipts end up mixed in with this pile of “to dos”, and before I knew it I had a stack of paper I couldn’t make sense of. Anyone who knows me knows that I love to organize – though my own mother might disagree due to the constant state of my bedroom! This little area was no different, and when I got the tray I thought the catchall, the first spot we have to set something down when we walk into the house, I imagined something organized. It became a mess, and very quickly!

Solution: I stopped at Staples on my way home to browse at some of the new Martha Stewart pieces. I peeked in while wedding planning for some labels, but never got the chance to see anything else. Well, was I ever pleased! First of all look at this colour – amazing. And secondly, the little place on the table makes sense now! And I can say that honestly – it’s been there for a few days now and so far we have no madness of papers everywhere. Also, because it’s smaller than the tray, there is less room for things to get out of hand!

I know this is all about trial and error. Everything about making this house our home is about that, and I do love it (sometimes). I can’t help but struggle with something here though. It’s the pig! I don’t think he fits in. I like the spot there, but the piggy itself is a little out of place, no? Maybe it’s my inexperience with colour, which explains the big green dresser debate too! All about colour… But I need to be willing to take chances and make mistakes. Get ready to see a lot of my mistakes here! Is the pig a mistake?

Talk about over-thinking……. oh and yes, those are Home Sense receipts in there. Alex is very used to seeing those around the house these days!

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4 thoughts on “A change will do you good

  1. Mmmmm I love Martha Stewart’s Staple line. I seriously would go there just to pet the products. The good thing about the pig is that you can experiment and move him about to see if you like him somewhere else. And if he just won’t work anywhere, send him to me! Just kidding. But don’t let your things hold you hostage…if he doesn’t work for you, he might work for someone else. Love how tidy your little station looks now!

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