A little privacy, please?

We’re working on our brand spanking new door.  I haven’t shown you yet because we still need to fix the framing and get the new doorbell installed, but this is almost a separate project in itself, and you’ll see why!  The door is all glass with the exception of the 4 inch border around it.  She’s a beauty, and has totally changed the look and feel of our home already.  The light that comes into the house is gorgeous, but the glass leaves little to the imagination of passers by!  So in comes this lovely little invention. The privacy window film!

This is a picture (taken from the Lowe’s website) of what the before and after is supposed to look like.  The film we got is made by Gila, and there was enough in the roll for 2 of our doors.  Not bad for $22.97!  You need to make sure the glass is 100% clean inside and out… You don’t want to be left with dirt stuck between the glass and your pretty new privacy film.

The application was tricky, and that’s using a very nice word for it!  Luther, the relentless dog, did not help, of course.  His hair stuck to the film, which is SUPER staticky (I know… that’s not a word.  Whatever).  You have to spray the window AND the sticky side of the film with the special spray, which cost $4.97 as seen here.  Then you go on with applying.  Here’s what that looks like:

I (as usual) became slightly exasperated by the whole situation with the dog’s hair sticking to the film, and the bubbles and edges and so on… So guess who got to take over?  and he did a great job, of course!

Here is what the door looks like now versus then.  Kind of like that Lowe’s picture up there huh?

And here is the rascal doing what he does best – making everything into a toy!

And there you have it.  A little bit of privacy after over 3 weeks of having all of the neighbours see into our home night and day!!

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