Faves for December

Following up on last month’s collection of my favourite online finds, here is some good stuff for December!

Awesome ideas:

This is a biggie for our home – new pup, new messes, much dirtier carpets with all the dirt he tracks in!  This saves me from feeling I need to buy or rent a carpet steamer.  YAY!  Great idea via Cheerios and Lattes.

DIY Amazing Carpet Cleaner via Cheerios and Lattes

DIY Amazing Carpet Cleaner via Cheerios and Lattes

Paper Goodies:

Seeing Benign Objects‘ and Besotted Brand‘s book plates makes me wish I found these about 5 months ago when I started putting together the books we gave to our guests at the wedding!  I just know I will be able to use these beauties in some of my own books (or future gifts)!

Bookplates via Benign Objects

Bookplates via Benign Objects

Bookplates via Besotted Brand

Bookplates via Besotted Brand


I realize that this is not breaking news.  By no means is this a new product/website, but I just recently discovered how awesome PicMonkey is and just had to share it… about 500 years late!  Gotta love the goodness of the former Picnik with a few extra goodies.  Oh, and photo collages just became 100x easier!



This is DEFINITELY not free, but I thought I’d share what’s on my wish-list – not just for Christmas, but in general.  No surprise here people, you will see a LOT of house-related stuff!

Christmas wish list Collage

1.Lexington Quilt & Shams (West Elm)2.The Handbuilt Home (Amazon)3.Decorate Workshop(Amazon)4.Young House Love (Amazon)5.The Perfectly Imperfect Home (Amazon)  – 6.Birch Candle (Indigo)7.Chunky Tassel Throw (West Elm)8.Antler Pillow Cover (West Elm)9.Yarn Candle (Indigo)10.Papier-Mâché Animal Sculpture (West Elm)


I’m a bit chalkboard obsessed these days (wait, isn’t EVERYONE?), so seeing these fonts made me giddy with daydreams of pretty chalkboard writing thanks to Nest of Posies.

Free Chalkboard Fonts & Dingbats

Free Chalkboard Fonts & Dingbats via Nest of Posies

I hope you enjoy the line-up of awesomeness for this month!!!

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