I have moved!

As I have JUST learned, I can’t just get all fancy with self-hosting at no cost (and I don’t just mean money wise!) – apparently this causes one to lose email subscribers and WordPress Reader followers!  AH!  So here is my official announcement:


I have “moved”, so pretty pleeeeeeease come and re-follow me 🙂  Make it WordPress, RSS, whatever your preference, and I promise not to do this again for quite some time (hopefully that means never!!).




Hello world!

So this is what it’s like to have a venue on which to post all of your thoughts and opinions without having to limit them to 140 characters, huh? Well this should be good! It’s not like I love to talk or anything… not like I’m opinionated or anything… not like I love to read and write and tell people about what I read and write or anything…..

Oh boy, this is going to be FUN!