Keeping warm

As my Canadian friends will note, it seems that the Fall season is officially upon us – the leaves have changed colours, the sun shines but does seem to produce as much heat as it did a few weeks ago, and we find ourselves looking at more and more pumpkins these days! 

Today is Thanksgiving, and for me it is always the day that officially announces Autumn – partially thanks to the pumpkin pie! (I even had a pumpkin spice latte this weekend!)

So what do we feel like doing most this time of year?  Well getting cozy on the couch with a blanket (which I am currently doing) does seem like one of the best options when not taking in the lovely crisp air outdoors, doesn’t it?  Perhaps you caught a glimpse of one of my favourite things in our living room in the recent post about pillows, but if not, here they are in one of my now many Home Sense purchases (the wicker basket).  The blankets themselves come from a variety of places – one was a gift to my mother, and I have now somehow inherited (I guess I unknowingly gifted myself!).  One is the blanket from my old room and Mom and Dad’s house which we used in our engagement photos (found a leaf in it yesterday’s from last year’s shoot!).  And the third is a beautiful and most special wedding gift from a dear friend.  The picture on it was taken the day we got possession of the house and Alex carried me over the threshold.  The picture there is actually of my husband holding the blanket.  Isn’t it gorgeous?

So these are not just blankets, they are extensions of us that add to our home much like the candy does – they have stories, they evoke memories, and they mean something.  The fact that they are soft and warm is really just an added bonus at this point!

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