The big green monster

The cause for much debate in our home, believe it or not, has been this lovely dresser.  Purchased for a whopping $80 in the summer (Alex got it down from $100), the plan has always been to paint the dresser white, possibly a nice robin’s egg blue because who doesn’t love that colour?  Since the day we got it, we have had compliments on how gorgeous the dresser is, how much character it has, and what a great find it was.  All of which I agree with, but there is one more thing people always say when I mention the plans to paint.  “Oh no the green is so lovely!  You should leave it the way it is!”  My husband beams when he hears that – he has never wanted me to paint it!  The colour has grown on me slightly, but not enough to want to keep it the way it is. 

The way I see it is I have two options (other than leaving it green!).

1. I can paint it white or robin’s egg and possibly not ever be able to rip my eyes away from my beautiful masterpiece.

2. I distress the dresser further, maybe add some dark varnish to the exposed wood.  I know, I know… this strays completely from the lighter colours in the first option, but what can I do?  I’m torn!

Here is the inspiration for the dresser if I stick to option 1.

Source: Altar'd Designs

Source: Altar’d Designs —

Can you tell this is what I’m leaning towards?  This was THE DREAM since the moment I first laid eyes on her.  How gorgeous would the brass detailing on the dresser look with the lighter colour behind them?  Just thinking about it makes my hands itch to hold a paintbrush and get to work!

So let’s be honest here people… does the big green monster stay green, or do we pretty her up a bit?

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