Faves for November

I’m trying something new.  Every day it seems I find a new site that has tons of free goodies available and amazing DIY ideas.  Sometimes I love them for myself because I get to use them for fun projects around the house, and other times I just think they are great ideas/products that other people can potentially use.  So I’m going to share the goodness with you once a month in hopes that at least one person can make use of some of the amazing stuff out there!

Awesome ideas:

Wrapping paper/ribbon wall rack: This is so great (especially for this time of year) if you have an area you can dedicate to your wrapping paper.  I know some moms that would appreciate this for all the birthday parties their littles get invited to as well!  I just want one of these because I think for Christmas alone it’s totally worth it!  It’s super easy to make and this is a great tutorial.

from 33 Shades of Green

Paper goodies:

Vintage Place-mat: I love me some FREE printables! These are great and can be used for lots of different occasions.  With the upcoming holiday season we’re all bound to have lots of company.  Knowing you can print some cute paper place-mats to protect your furniture from crumbs (then throw them away guilt and laundry-free) and do it in a stylish way just makes it way better right?  I think these would be great laminated, too!

from The Pretty Blog

Round Labels: Here is something we can always use: more labels!  Some of you are rolling your eyes right now, but I’m serious!  These are so great and can be personalized for anything from pantry labeling to gift tags to just every day I-don’t-know-what’s-in-here labeling around the house!  Speaking of pantry, The Pretty Blog has some pantry-specific gorgeous labels right here.  An example of some adorable vintage-style labels:

from World Label

DIY Phone 5 Cover: My very favourite freebie find this month.  I purposely bought an iPhone case with a clear back so I can use this.  I haven’t yet, but I will!

from Jones Design Company


Make a photo collage using Picasa: I swear by this one because I use Picasa for a lot all of my blog posts.  It’s a fantastic FREE tool, and this tutorial is great for showing you how to use it.  The tutorial is done on a PC, which will be great for some of you.  Don’t worry, if you’re a fellow Mac user it’s not too much different.

from Jones Design Company


Paper Ornaments: These are just too adorable!  And for those of you who have kids or work with kids, this would be an easy craft (minus the sewing) for any age – just use some fun washi tape like these! How cute?!

from Elsie Marley

I could have gone on with the Christmas thing forever, but I figured enough of what I posted was already loaded with Holiday ideas.

Lastly, I put together a list of my very own free fonts available online.  I picked 23 of them because I started with 20, and 3 more kind of happened to be sweet enough to share.  Since I seem to be advocating printables and paper goods today, this is no different – these fonts look great on all kinds of paper goods.  And you can take my word for it – I used a couple of them when I made my own wedding menus and programs (I’ll share how I went about creating them in the most difficult way possible another day).

1. KG Lego House, 2. Jane Austen, 3. Kayetan, 4. Retroactive, 5. The Mocking Bird, 6. Road Trip, 7. Lemon Chicken, 8. Dean Martin (& Dean Martin Swing), 9. Bluelmin Ralph, 10. The Toadfrog, 11. Unbalanced, 12. Castro Script, 13. KG What the teacher wants, 14. Foglihten No 06, 15. Janda Cheerful, 16. Cinnamon Cake, 17. Halo Handletter, 18. Springtime, 19. KG Eyes wide open, 20. Lobster Two, 21. Jellyka Delicious Cake, 22. A Morris Line, 23. Florum Ipsum

I hope you can make some use out of these great ideas and blogs (plus all the awesome fonts I handpicked!).