Real life

For about 20 or so days I have been writing about things that make our house a home, and occasionally moments that make our house a home.  This is not a thing, and it’s not really a moment.  It’s a chore!  A real life chore.


Why and how does a chore make anything better?  Because we do it together, my husband and I.  Yes, even laundry is a good thing these days.  By no means am I saying that I enjoy laundry – no one I have ever met enjoys it!  What I’m saying is that I love being able to do things for and in our home that seem so mundane and ordinary.  This is the newlywed in me talking right?  It must be… And who knows, maybe I’m just writing this to remind myself years from now that I once enjoyed these moments shared folding clothes with my husband.



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The surprise

This has to be, hands down, the most exciting yet anxiety inducing thing we have done to make our house a home.  Did the feature image give too much away? We got a dog!  Well we don’t have him yet, but soon.  I found our precious little guy online via Petfinder and it was love at first sight (for me!).  We drove a little over an hour to meet him last weekend, took him for a walk (if you can even call it that… he dragged us for most of the 20 minutes we spent with him) and we signed the papers with the Quinte Humane Society to adopt him.

We have to wait until Saturday to pick him up since he needs to get neutered before he comes home, so we have spent a good chunk of our week thinking of how to welcome our new family member.  This is how far along we are so far:

The pup now has a cozy sofa to hang out on when we hang out on the human couch.

He’s even got a little friend.  A bunny!

Some treats will be waiting for our little guy, and a toy to really keep him busy!

We’re also prepared for the surprises he will be dropping for us (not in the house, I hope!!)

And finally, we’re ready for the walking, and potential (temporary) pulling that is bound to happen.  Needless to say we are VERY excited!

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A whole lot of nothing and a bucket of popcorn

Maybe it’s because my husband is working late tonight, maybe it’s because it’s Monday… but I don’t feel like writing a blog today because I don’t feel like doing anything!  And you know what?  I realized that doing nothing made me love my home even more tonight!  I got to sit on the couch and talk to a very dear friend, and then I ate popcorn for dinner with a lot of white cheddar topping on it.  I ate 2 tiny Snickers bars and a handful of M&M’s, all while still sitting on the couch.  I turned on the TV, watched a few episodes of ‘Mad Men’, and I looked around my house.

I love this place.

This is my home.  Although I am alone tonight, and I much prefer to share this space with my beloved, being here alone made me just look.  I see how many changes we have made, how much work we have done, and how much love we have here.

I love this home.

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The $20 lamp (and a $4 table)

Remember that thrifting trip a few days ago?  And that lamp I got for $5.99?  Well I got it a pretty little shade from that Ikea trip yesterday for a whopping $10.  Alex found a little white table on someone’s curb a while back, and when we were fixing up the kitchen cabinets, he figured it would do well for resting the doors on while we painted.  Turns out I quite like the little thing and thought it could be of use in the living room.  I went to Canadian Tire and got some primer and spray paint, and today I got to spraying.  Here’s the set up before.

The table may look like it’s in good shape from afar, but this is what it looked like up close:

How sweet if this little note written on the side of the table?  I painted around it, so it’s still there as a lovely little reminder to “think goood” 🙂

Here is the lamp is its full flowery glory:

I taped off areas of the lamp I didn’t want to get paint into, and it was time to get started!

Here’s the lamp primed, table painted in the back.  The flowers are gone!

I moved the painting party to the basement.  Mosquitoes were not only sticking to me, but also to the wet paint!

First coat of paint and it’s already so much better!

And now for the finished product!

I have to say I am extremely happy with it, and for what it cost, it’s the perfect imperfect table-lamp combination.  The little switch on the right is a dimmer I decided to add on so that we have more lighting options.  It’s really nice not being forced to have nothing but an overhead light on in the room.

Lighting – one more step to cozying up our home.

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Nothing says home like… Ikea?

That’s right people… I said it.  Ikea!  I took a little trip on my own today for a few necessities around the house, and after a somewhat long drive with the husband to get something ELSE to make our place a home (it’s a surprise… you’ll have to wait to see what we got), my husband got to unpacking the car.  It only took 3 or 4 trips, so no big deal!  While I made dinner he got to work, and after a lovely steak and sweet potato supper, this is what our living room/entry looked like:

Pretty awesome, right?  So some of the new stuff is already in place at this point – the 2 wicker baskets are in their new homes.  I do love their look, and also that they are almost completely opaque – I figured if I’m going to have baskets down there, I don’t need people seeing what’s in them, and Ikea had some beautiful ones that were just too open for my liking.  This ought to be perfect for winter scarves and mittens in the next few months!

The drawer sets (which you can see Alex was dutifully putting together on the floor) are a really handy addition to the EXPEDIT units.  Seriously, these units have become quite customizable now!  The door was already put in by the time I got to taking pictures.  I didn’t want to go with 2 sets of drawers because I want the unit to be more “custom” – as if that’s really possible!  Customizable, yes.  Custom… well, it’s still Ikea, right?

Now, the project is not finished yet.  We still need some decorative items to complete the look, and I honestly have no clue what those things might be as of yet.  I added a couple of extras, but who knows if they’ll stay.

Obviously this needs a LOT of work and the “Moby Dick” print will be up around the house eventually. I did frame it, and found a crack in the frame… ugh!  Alex is the forever cool, calm and collected, saying “Babe, it’s fine.  You can’t even see it.”  I’m doing my best to let it go.  Plus, I don’t feel much like driving back to Ikea just to exchange a frame.

So here we have it.  Another work in progress, but in the end Alex and I sat on the couch, looking out at the new additions, and feeling awesome about how homey this place really is becoming.  What more can we ask for, right?  Thanks Ikea!

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The big green monster

The cause for much debate in our home, believe it or not, has been this lovely dresser.  Purchased for a whopping $80 in the summer (Alex got it down from $100), the plan has always been to paint the dresser white, possibly a nice robin’s egg blue because who doesn’t love that colour?  Since the day we got it, we have had compliments on how gorgeous the dresser is, how much character it has, and what a great find it was.  All of which I agree with, but there is one more thing people always say when I mention the plans to paint.  “Oh no the green is so lovely!  You should leave it the way it is!”  My husband beams when he hears that – he has never wanted me to paint it!  The colour has grown on me slightly, but not enough to want to keep it the way it is. 

The way I see it is I have two options (other than leaving it green!).

1. I can paint it white or robin’s egg and possibly not ever be able to rip my eyes away from my beautiful masterpiece.

2. I distress the dresser further, maybe add some dark varnish to the exposed wood.  I know, I know… this strays completely from the lighter colours in the first option, but what can I do?  I’m torn!

Here is the inspiration for the dresser if I stick to option 1.

Source: Altar'd Designs

Source: Altar’d Designs —

Can you tell this is what I’m leaning towards?  This was THE DREAM since the moment I first laid eyes on her.  How gorgeous would the brass detailing on the dresser look with the lighter colour behind them?  Just thinking about it makes my hands itch to hold a paintbrush and get to work!

So let’s be honest here people… does the big green monster stay green, or do we pretty her up a bit?

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