Rules are rules!

One of the first house-warming gifts we got for our house was a set of rules!  Think what you will, I happen to love these rules.  Another Home Sense gem, I had seen versions of ‘Family Rules’ or ‘House Rules’ all over Pinterest for quite some time so I was feeling really keen on making a set of my own then we (my mom and I) came across this and I thought: why not?

Yes, the idea of being a DIY Queen is extremely appealing to me.  Yes, I have a DIY board on Pinterest that is frankly bordering on overambitious, but no, I did not honestly know how I would start or finish such a project.

So I got the DYI-look, and a darn  nice set of rules which we look at very often.  We like to remind one another to follow the rules, and we keep each other accountable.  It may not be a project I worked on myself, but taking the easy road came with right intentions this time, and a lovely result nonetheless!